– Today was my last day of field work for the season, a bittersweet occasion as usual. I decided to celebrate by driving to the top of a lookout a few kilometers south of Skukuza for a proper sundowners (well, a proper sundowners would have alcohol, but that’s not allowed anymore). The work’s not over of course, the next few days will be spent processing my samples, but the probability of being gored/bitten/eviscerated has been reduced dramatically.

– I took advantage of researcher privileges to drive around a bit after dusk. No lions, but I was menaced by a tiny elephant and got to see a rock python (BIG).

– A few more blog posts to come, mostly chronicling some of the more interesting trials and tribulations of the last few weeks, but the adventure itself is about wrapped up. It’s been fun kids.


2 thoughts on “Sundowners

  1. I just found out that you have a blog for all this! I am so excited and your number 1 fan! We have promised Jasper that if he is willing to NEVER EVER talk about going to Disney that by the time he is 10 years old we will take him on a real life safari. My preference is Kenya (Samburu) or Tanzania where I am most familiar, but maybe you will still be torturing yourself and we can come to S. Africa? Anyways, so happy to see you continue to use this outlet of writing and so excited to read some of this tonight and catch up on what you have been up to!

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